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Zaha Hadid, Architect

Zaha Hadid

Since Zaha Hadid, one of the most celebrated architects of our time, died in March, many people have reflected on her bold and innovative designs. We would like to add one more tribute; she was able to integrate even small details into her projects without detracting from her grand schemes. This is evident in how… Read more »

Lightning in Winter? Yes!

Lightning is a year-round threat, as these news items from the past winter remind us. Thundersnow can move across wide storm fronts. “A storm packing blizzard-like conditions, as well as lightning strikes, was expected to deposit several inches of snow… Reports indicated that residents were waking up to a nasty brew of heavy snow, fierce… Read more »

Damage Caused by Single Lightning Storm

Consider the extent of damage caused by just a single lightning storm: Knocked out power to a major international airport, causing flights to be rerouted or delayed. Set a house on fire and caused a tree branch to fall on another. Ignited trees in residential neighborhoods. Caused a traffic signal failure. Closed freeways by toppling… Read more »

Safety Devices Depend on Lightning Protection

Building codes require ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) on every electrical outlet near plumbing fixtures or wet areas to protect against electrocutions. But before a GFCI can protect you, it may need protection against lightening. According to Occupational Health & Safety magazine: “Built into the [GFCI] is a metal oxide varistor (MOV) used as a surge… Read more »

Training Program for Lightning Protection Professionals

East Coast Lightning Equipment (ECLE) recently hosted approximately 60 lightning protection professionals for two days of training in the most recent developments in their field. Jennifer Morgan, a director of ECLE, explains, “There have been many exciting advances in lightning protection during the past few years. The meeting provided an opportunity for lightning protection designers… Read more »