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Lightning Strike via Computer and Headphones

In an interview on National Public Radio, author Rowan Hisayho Buchanan tells that while writing her novel, Harmless Like You, “I was editing the sort of final, final draft of the novel to send out before publishers, and it was night time. And suddenly my vision went white, and I had this incredible pain in… Read more »

Lightning Warning for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

The Slogan, “When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors”, has helped countless people understand how to protect themselves from lightning. But this slogan doesn’t resonate with those who can’t hear. Realizing there was a gap, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and organization serving the deaf and hard of hearing have introduced a new lightning safety slogan… Read more »


Planning a vacation in Hawaii? Watch out for lightning! While lightning activity in the Islands are less frequent than in other parts of the US, consider this: “In May 2011, O‘ahu experienced a particularly impressive storm with an estimated forty thousand cloud to ground lightning strikes over a 30 hour period. In March 2012, lightning… Read more »


Lightning is so rapid that it is hard to recognize how much area a strike can cover. While we usually see one strike a time, the reality is that lightning can occur along the entire front of a thunderstorm. These videos from NASA illustrate this: Massive lightning storm over Northern Alabama. 3D lightning observations over… Read more »


As founder and producer of the AEC – Science and Technology conferences, George Borkovich helped a generation of designers and builders learn about computers and other electronic tools. Yet there was one lesson he had to learn the hard way: All those gadgets upon which we depend are vulnerable to lightning. His security system, phones,… Read more »