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Historical Lightning Protection Lessons

The J.A. Belt Building in Gaithersburg, MD was built in 1903 and is listed on National Register of Historic Places. It offers two lessons about lightning protection systems. Lightning protection systems help buildings withstand the test of time: John A. Belt understood the destructive power of fire; the Masonic Lodge to which he belonged was… Read more »

Even in Winter – Don’t Take Chances with Lightning

The National Weather Service shares this cautionary report of lightning-related injuries that occurred in the middle of winter while ice fishing. “On Saturday, February 22, 1997, Robert, his father, three friends and two of their sons went ice fishing on Moosehead Lake in Maine. In the middle of winter, in Maine, no one would ever… Read more »

Lightning Protection for Historic Buildings

Protecting historic buildings from lightning damage may require special considerations. For example, the visible components of the lightning protection system have to maintain the look and historic features of the original building, yet meet modern standards for performance. To the extent practical, new lightning protection components have to be installed without damaging historic building materials… Read more »