Monthly Archives: October 2018

Lightning in Desert

Lightning is a hazard almost everywhere in North America, even in deserts that receives only a few inches of rain a year. The danger is highlighted by this “Storm Danger” sign on the original Navajo Bridge (former U.S. Route 89A) in Marble Canyon, Arizona. Despite infrequent rain there, storms can produce prodigious lightning. The sign’s… Read more »

Fireplace Season: Time to Consider Lightning Protection

Now that the cooler air of autumn is here, it is time to have your chimney inspected so it is ready for those dark winter evening of sitting around the hearth with your loved ones.¬† A good place to find a certified chimney inspector is at¬†Fireplace Investigation, Research & Education Service or Chimney Safety Institute… Read more »

Top-Notch Lightning Protection System

Lightning protection installers hang out in high places, including the apex of tall chimneys, radio antennas, and church steeples. Lightning protection systems (LPS) in these exposed locations have to extend to the highest parts of the structures so the system can intercept lightning strikes before the lightning reaches the structure. To reach these rarefied heights,… Read more »