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About ECLE

Established in 1984, East Coast Lightning Equipment provides high-quality, UL Listed lightning protection system components to the lightning protection and professional design industries throughout the USA, Canada, Central America, and the Middle East.

The ECLE "M.A.P."

Established in 1984, East Coast Lightning Equipment provides high-quality, UL Listed lightning protection system components to the lightning protection and professional design industries throughout the USA, Canada, Central America, and the Middle East. ECLE continually strives to develop cost-effective solutions that meet UL standards for safety. Coupled with our dedication to customer service, this innovative nature has made ECLE a leader in the industry. Our business has been built by responding to the needs of our customers. We always stand ready to answer questions and to provide equipment for all lightning protection projects.

“Our Mission” - To protect against lightning-related disasters by serving the lightning protection community and educating the public.

“Our Aim” - To increase lightning protection awareness and foster continuing education programs.

“Our Promise” - To provide high quality, effective, certified lightning protection equipment to accredited installation specialists, at competitive prices, and with excellent customer service.

Guiding Principles

Below are the standards of conduct by which our company makes decisions.

  • Care about our customers and work hard to provide them with the equipment, answers, and knowledge they need to better serve their customers.
  • Institute faster, smarter, safer manufacturing processes so we can continue to produce affordable, high quality, effective, certified products in the United States.
  • Teach our employees the benefits of driving out wasted time and motion so they may safely and efficiently follow an order from beginning to end.
  • Provide and support continuing education opportunities that benefit our customers and affiliated industries.
  • Build awareness that protects the public and serves the industry.
  • Develop progressive manufacturing processes and products that continue to advance the industry.

Our Character

Much like a person, the ECLE brand is made up of character traits that influence how people perceive our company. This perception determines our positioning in a competitive marketplace. It is paramount that ECLE remain steadfast to its distinctive qualities, as they collectively define our brand.

  • Grounded - We know what we do well and we do not compete with our customers. This focus and honesty keeps our customers coming back and recommending our company.
  • Conductors - As leaders, we have an obligation to conduct educational programs, cable media alerts, and channel lightning safety information to experts and advisors in the industry and to the public.
  • Connectors - We are dedicated to connecting consumers with reliable experts and advisors. We are also known for our ability to connect our customers with expert information and answers.
  • Protectors - By increasing lightning protection awareness, we help the residential and commercial public protect people, memories, and investments.
  • Current - To fulfill our mission, we continue to develop new manufacturing systems and components that better serve the industry and protect the public.


ECLE’s success is a direct result of our exceptional standards and responsible character. But how we distinguish ECLE from the competition is what makes us remarkable. When someone asks why ECLE is the best choice, we can proudly say we are friendly, knowledgeable, honest, affordable, safe, and service-oriented.

  • Friendly - It’s who we are. It’s how we are. It’s an on-the-job requirement.
  • Knowledgeable - We strive to know all there is to know about our ever-changing industry.
  • Honest - We don’t compete with our customers, and honestly, we don’t know how to be anything but honest.
  • Affordable - We take great pride in our ability to efficiently and safely manufacture quality products that we can sell at affordable prices.
  • Safe - We only sell to and recommend qualified installation specialists that are UL Listed and LPI certified for lightning protection.
  • Service-Oriented - When customers contact us, they always get a live person. We make and ship their products the same day, they get what they order, and the quality is excellent.

ECLE's products meet or exceed the requirements for lightning protection components established by the following national safety standards:

National Fire Protection Association

NFPA 780

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

UL96 & UL96A

Lightning Protection Institute

LPI 175

Through the continued support of our loyal network of lightning protection specialty contractors, ECLE has become recognized within the lightning protection industry and professional design community as a reputable manufacturer, or in our words:

" The manufacturer that works for you.™ "

We work hard every day to earn this reputation.

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