ECLE Invited to Present at Facade Tectonics World Congress

This international conference “brings together industry and academic leaders with a deep exploration of the building facade as the integrative factor in holistic building design.” East Coast Lightning Equipment has been invited to present a paper at the conference on “Lightning Protection as Building Envelope”. According to the paper’s abstract.

“A building’s envelope mitigates the effects of meteorological phenomena – including lightning – upon the structure and its occupants and contents. The risk of lightning damage is increasing due to climate change and our growing dependence on electronic devices that can be destroyed by electrical surges. New and underutilized techniques offer improvements to lightning protection systems (LPS) and advance best industry practices. These include risk assessment protocols, use of creative and decorative strike termination devices instead of standard air terminals (lightning rods), compliance with sustainability and resilience standards, lightning monitoring and surveillance systems, testing with triggered lightning, and risks associated with unconventional lightning protection devices. The authors urge design and construction professionals to take proactive measures to improve lightning protection of the built environment.”

The paper will be presented as part of the conference track on “Safety + Structure”. The authors are Jennifer Morgan – an officer of ECLE and Michael Chusid – an architectural consultant to ECLE. The congress is organized by Facade Tectonics Institute and will be held March 12-13, 2018 in Los Angeles at the University of Southern California.

Conference Paper
Presentation Slides