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PDF Icon Architect's Standard of Care

“As architects, we have a professional responsibility to assess the risk lightning poses to the structures we design.”

PDF Icon Metal Roofing and Lightning Protection

"Metal roofs do not attract lightning strikes; nor do they protect a building against lightning. The only way to protect a building is with a properly designed and installed lighting protection system."

PDF Icon Lightning Protection for Rooftop Gardens

On green roofs, strike protection devices provide an alternative to conventional lightning rods.

PDF Icon Specifying Reroofing

Reroofing often requires repair and extension of other building components, including the lightning protection system.

PDF Icon Lightning Protection is a Work of Art

“…a lightning protection system that is compatible with the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s architectural elements and preserves the historic fabric of the landmark building.”

PDF Icon Not All Lightning Protection is Created Equal

“…alternative products do not provide the advantages claimed.” Learn the facts about early streamer emission and charge transfer devices.

PDF Icon Modern Steel Construction Magazine

Steel structural members can be used as part of a lightning protection system. This simplifies construction and reduces cost.

PDF Icon CLT and Heavy Timber Construction

With a lightning protection system, a cross laminated timber or other heavy timber building could well be safer than a steel or concrete building without lightning protection.

PDF Icon Consulting-Specifying Engineer

Scientific advances improve lightning protection for mission critical facilities.

PDF Icon The Construction Specifer

After explaining fundamentals of lightning protection, this article provides best practices for coordinating lightning protection with architectural design.

PDF Icon Medical Construction & Design - Lightning Protection

“Losing crucial services due to lightning is not a risk we are willing to take when someone might be on an operating table.”

PDF Icon Lightning Protection Basics (36 kb)

This white paper provides for a good overview of lightning protection systems.

PDF Icon Roofer's Guide to Lightning Protection

Your roof is not only a weather barrier, it is a work platform for lightning-protection installers. The article explains how to simplify job-site coordination.

PDF Icon Architectural Roofing and Waterproofing

“Designing a building that sheds both water and lightning protects the top line of an architect’s reputation.”

PDF Icon Canadian Lightning Protection Explained

“Lightning is the most frequent weather-related disaster” in Canada. The article explains Canadian best practices for lightning protection.

PDF Icon Fire Station Lightning Protection and Grounding Systems

Two case studies demonstrated how lightning protection assure fire stations will be ready for weather-related and other emergencies.

PDF Icon Facade Tectonics World Congress

This international conference recognized lightning protection as part of the building envelope. Presentation Slides

PDF Icon Lightning Protection and the Building Envelope

High-performance building enclosures must protect against wind, blast, fire, heat, moisture… and lightning.

PDF Icon CSST Safety Alert (225kb)

Corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) creates fire and explosion hazards when exposed to lightning.

PDF Icon Ham Radio + Lightning Protection

It is every radio operator’s worst night- mare. Millions of volts suddenly leap out of the sky, striking your home, antenna, or other conductive surfaces

PDF Icon Understanding Lightning Protection

Protect the sensitive electronics that now control vital security, climate control, data storage and processing, equipment, access systems, health care systems, and other critical functions.