Five things you didn’t know about lightning protection.

Part of an equestrian center, this clubhouse and locker room wing, built by Carolina Timberworks and Rod Kazenske, architect, has a lightning protection system to protect the stable, horses, members, and guests. The building required special attention to lightning protection due to the use of heavy timber construction.

Lightning can be beautiful; nature’s own light show flashing across the sky. You know that lightning causes millions of dollars of fire and damage every year in the United States and injures or even kills those that get in its way. You even know that, ever since Ben Franklin invented the lightning rod 250 years ago, lightning protection has proved its reliability.

Here are five more facts about lightning that can help you decide if your property and family should be protected:

1. Climate change may increase the number of lightning strikes each year; every part of the country is at risk for lightning. Click here to calculate the risk to your building.

2. The devices that operate your home and keep you safe — including security systems, heating and cooling equipment, and household appliances — can be knocked-out by lightning surges, even if the lightning does not directly strike your house.

3. Ordinary grounding and surge protection products do not protect against lightning; only systems complying with UL and Lightning Protection Institute standards provide reliable protection.

4. Lightning protection systems are custom designed and installed by specialty contractors to complement each home’s style and appearance.

5. Lightning protection is affordable, may reduce insurance premiums, and can enhance the value of your home; it also provides peace of mind that is invaluable.

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Note: Photo has been enhanced to increase visibility of lightning rods. Ordinarily, they would be almost unnoticeable.