Lightning Protection Maintenance added to MasterFormat


A new section was added to MasterFormat in January 2016:

Section 26 01 40.13 — Operation and Maintenance of Lightning Protection Systems

MasterFormat is a master list of titles and numbers used to organize construction specifications, cost estimates, and other building information. For example, lightning protection for buildings and structures is in Section 26 41 00 while protection of trees, fences, and other site work is in Section 33 79 93.

The new section was proposed by Michael Chusid, RA, FCSI, CCS, a consultant to East Coast Lightning Equipment, Inc. He explains, “The new section provides a logical and standardized location where building owners and facility managers can store installation drawings, inspection certificates, repair records, maintenance contracts, and other information needed to keep their lightning protection system operational.”

Jennifer Morgan, a co-owner of East Coast Lightning Equipment, adds, “Lightning protection equipment can last the life of a building. Yet the performance of a system can be damaged by abuse, reroofing, or changes to a building. The new MasterFormat section helps make building owners more aware of the need for periodic inspections, repairs, and recertifications.”

MasterFormat is published by the Construction Specifications Institute and Construction Specifications Canada. The document is available in print or online at