LPS Installer Wins Award for Innovation

Adam Smith, Vice President of BASE Lightning Protection, received a Finny Award from the Lightning Protection Institute for his innovative through-roof penetration assembly. His design used a through-roof penetration device from East Coast Lightning Equipment. The device connects a rooftop lightning conductor cable through the roof deck to the inside of the building where it connects to a down conductor leading to ground. ECLE’s UL-listed assembly contains a threaded steel rod with clamps at each end to connect to conductors. The top clamp is attached to a cap which is placed over a two-inch-diameterĀ PVC pipe. The pipe is then flashed with a flexible booted that helps to waterproof the assembly.

Smith’s innovation is to fill the PVC pipe with sealer. This complements to boot by creating a secondary waterproof barrier and assure against water entering through the roof penetration. Other LPS installers at the February LPI convention agreed that the innovation is a cost effective method to improve the performance lightning protection system installations.