Practice Lightning Safety

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 12.21.21 PMThere have been 32 lightning fatalities in the United States so far this year, and 2016 is still far from over. This is the highest number in recent years. Last year, for example, there were only 27 deaths in the entire year.

Will you join us in spreading education about lightning safety? All you have to do is use your accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, etc to send messages about lightning safety. Here are some ideas of things you can copy and post:

· “When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!” – No place outdoors is safe during a thunderstorm. If you hear thunder seek shelter immediately.
· If you can hear thunder, you are within 10 MILES of lightning and should seek shelter immediately.
· It is safe to return outdoors 30 MINUTES after the last clap of thunder is heard
· Introduce your followers to Leon the Lightning Lion (@lightningleon).
· Share articles or websites such as the National Weather Service on Lightning Safety and WeatherNation Lightning Top Stories
· Tweet with and search for #lightning and #lightningsafety to find posts to retweet or share.

We may not be able to do anything about the weather, but spreading the word about lightning safety can save lives.