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Class II Copper Blunt Air Terminals

item numbermaterialclassdiameter indiameter mmlength inlength mmAdd To List
AT110CBSolid CopperClass II - 1/21/2 in.12.7 mm10 in.254 mm
AT112CBSolid CopperClass II - 1/21/2 in.12.7 mm12 in.305 mm
AT115CBSolid CopperClass II - 1/21/2 in.12.7 mm15 in.381 mm
AT118CBSolid CopperClass II - 1/21/2 in.12.7 mm18 in.458 mm
AT124CBSolid CopperClass II - 1/21/2 in.12.7 mm24 in.610 mm
AT136CBSolid CopperClass II - 1/21/2 in.12.7 mm36 in.915 mm
AT148CBSolid CopperClass II - 1/21/2 in.12.7 mm48 in.1220 mm
AT210CBSolid CopperClass II - 5/85/8 in.15.9 mm10 in.254 mm
AT212CBSolid CopperClass II - 5/85/8 in.15.9 mm12 in.305 mm
AT215CBSolid CopperClass II - 5/85/8 in.15.9 mm15 in.381 mm
AT218CBSolid CopperClass II - 5/85/8 in.15.9 mm18 in.458 mm
AT224CBSolid CopperClass II - 5/85/8 in.15.9 mm24 in.610 mm
AT236CBSolid CopperClass II - 5/85/8 in.15.9 mm36 in.915 mm
AT248CBSolid CopperClass II - 5/85/8 in.15.9 mm48 in.1220 mm
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