Do lightning rods really work?

Yes. The NFPA has maintained a standard for lightning protection for 100 years. The standard is continually updated and edited to incorporate new findings. For example, in the last few years, sharp-tipped lightning rods have been replaced by blunt or round-tipped rods in NFPA requirements. This is the result of field research at New Mexico… Read more »

Is lightning protection required by code?

Not always. There are different guidelines in different parts of the country. Some Federal agencies require lightning protection, other agencies have requirements that if lightning protection is to be installed it must comply with NFPA 780. For example, the Veteran’s Administration requires UL Master Label Certification for all lightning protection installations. The Federal Bureau of… Read more »

What do design professionals need to know about lightning protection?

Architects and engineers should be offering lightning protection to their clients and making their clients aware that without lightning protection, their buildings are at risk. The NFPA 780 Risk Assessment guide is a helpful evaluation tool for project planners. Designers can also review lightning protection plans to ensure that the aesthetics of the building are… Read more »