What do lightning rods look like?

In most cases unless you are looking for the lightning rods you can’t notice them. Lightning rods are just 12 inches tall and 3/8” in diameter. That’s not much bigger than a pencil. Placed on a roof that is 30 –50 feet high and 18 inches in from the roof edge, the rods are barely visible from ground.

There are a number of measures that can be taken to make lightning protection even less noticeable. There are different materials that can be chosen to blend with the architectural features, style and materials. For instance, tin-plated copper can be chosen to blend with gray stonework or copper blends well with dark materials.

When designed during construction all of the lightning protection system, except the rooftop terminals, can be concealed and run inside the structure. There are also ways to avoid the use of air terminals, such as substituting thick-walled metal railings for the lightning rods. Decorative finials can also be used as air terminals, making the lightning protection an architectural accent.