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It could have been worse…

As a post on Flickr describes, “Lightning struck my [radio antenna] tower, and while most of it went to ground through the tower, a bit of it came down the disconnected coax that was in the attic.” While damage to the building’s electrical system and equipment was significant, the building was not destroyed and there… Read more »

Fireplace Season: Time to Consider Lightning Protection

Now that the cooler air of autumn is here, it is time to have your chimney inspected so it is ready for those dark winter evening of sitting around the hearth with your loved ones.¬† A good place to find a certified chimney inspector is at¬†Fireplace Investigation, Research & Education Service or Chimney Safety Institute… Read more »

New Generator Rule Enforced in Florida Nursing Homes

Florida is enforcing new rules requiring nursing homes to have emergency generators. This action comes in the wake of Hurricane Irma which left 10 nursing home residents dead due to sweltering heat in buildings that had no power due to storm-related outages. We applaud this potentially life-saving move, and offer a friendly reminder: Permanently-installed generators… Read more »

Protecting Rooftop Equipment and Fixtures

Anything mounted on top of a building must be considered for lightning protection. These light posts, for example, rise above the parking structure and had to be connected to the facility’s lightning protection system. Air terminals are mounted at the top of the light posts, and cables visible at the base of the posts connect… Read more »