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Commercial & Industrial Buildings Lightning Protection Systems

A lightning strike can damage or interrupt a business by sparking fires, destroying inventory and essential equipment, erasing vital computer files, and damaging customer relationships due to production delays or temporary closures.

Commercial & Industrial Buildings Lightning Protection Systems

Staying in Business

Companies of all sizes are at risk of lightning strikes and there is no lightning protection system in place. In addition to all of the potential business interruptions associated with fires and structural damage, it is important to consider the impact a lightning strike can have on a company's workforce.  A shuttered or temporarily closed business can leave the workforce unemployed.  Employees could also be injured either by the lightning current itself or subsequent fires.  

Over the years, OSHA’s General Duty Clause has been found to require employers to protect employees against lightning-related injuries, when lightning strikes an unprotected building.

Businesses are under increasing pressure to invest in redundancies and to create detailed disaster recovery plans.  In addressing the threat from lightning, however, a business owner's best plan is to mitigate the lightning risk and avoid the potential disaster altogether.   

Installing a lightning protection system. allows you to focus on doing business instead of getting back into the business.

Improve community resilience

Downtime protection

Increase value to tenants

Outstanding life-cycle value

Protect the vulnerable

Mission-critical readiness

Assure safety of customers

Stewardship of public assets

Does your building require lightning protection? Find out now!

Improving Your Business

Consider a thought experiment: Imagine you have the option of locating operations in either of two equally suitable buildings, yet one has a lightning protection system and the other does not. It should be clear which is the wiser choice.

In the same way, making the choice for lightning protection sends a message to prospective tenants that your building is more secure. Customers and employees will appreciate that you care about their wellbeing. Taxpayers will be reassured that their public officials are making prudent decisions about the public’s investments.

Resources for Business Owners and Facility Managers

First, you will want to determine if a lightning protection system is a wise investment for your building? Find out by conducting an NFPA Lightning Risk Assessment here, and learning more about costs here.

Next, contact East Coast Lightning Equipment for referrals to qualified lightning protection professionals in your area. Contact us here.

For more information see case studies here.

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